CUKUP 1 LITER HERBAFARM / 1 Ha LAHAN untuk Budidaya Padi

anda akan mendapatkan kelebihan dan keuntungan,
baik kuantitas maupun kualitas yang FANTASTIS.


APPLICATION EXAMPLE herbafarm organic fertilizer on soybean
Sungapan, Tirtorahayu Village, District Lines, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta

left: me when I saw the condition of soybean crop.
Right: differences in soybean plants

soybean crop in the left side of the path using organic fertilizers herbafarm, just use regular soy seeds, and late planting time six days from the right side of the soybean plant.
soybean plants on the right side using superior seeds
conclusion condition of soybean plants that use organic fertilizers more dense herbafarm kedelainya more grain, more green leaves, and taller than the plants on the right.
ORGANIC FERTILIZER specifically for fans of plants, both ornamental plants or cultivated plants. Produced by the Medicinal Plant COMES Sido, which guaranteed the quality and power point, making this Herbafarm ORGANIC FERTILIZER is optimal for plant growth and increase the quantity and quality of crops. Use ORGANIC FERTILIZER, save the Earth Motherland.
The trend of the use of organic fertilizers, especially organic liquid fertilizer, and market opening, stretching the entrepreneurs to take part in the production of liquid organic fertilizer with a variety of brands, content and benefits. Including PT Sido Muncul participate superior product launches acting organic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer HERBAFARM namely, the famous medicinal plant in Indonesia which has experienced years of producing quality herbal medicine is certainly no doubt about it, the results from the proven expert in the field, produces a guaranteed quality organic fertilizer.
Reduced land fertility due to the use of chemical fertilizers. Ironic, using poison to increase production from the results now but have decreased since the land was not fertile again abandoned due to toxic chemical fertilizers.
No wonder now many people with various diseases, and lower the body's resistance to disease outbreaks are vulnerable to attack. The main factor is the food we eat, it is clear that food is indeed the source directly into our bodies.
If we use organic fertilizers must not leave residues harmful toxins in our food.

By using organic fertilizers will increase soil fertility and reduce the toxins in the soil left by chemical fertilizers, increase the amount of production, produce quality crops and poison free.

environmentally friendly, economical, practical, fantastic results.

Environmentally friendly: no toxic or bad for crop residues, soil and human. Restore the good functioning of soil fertility by increasing the content of their fertility and reduce the content of residues / toxins in the soil.
economic: the production can be reduced, by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers in stages starting with a reduction of 50%. The use of organic fertilizers also herbafarm example one liter of saving can be used for a hectare of paddy.
Practical: how to use organic fertilizers herbafarm easy, just spray, different if we use organic fertilizer from manure, need transportation and labor costs more.
Fantastic results: the crop will be increased both quantitatively (numbers) and qualitative (quality). Prices will certainly fueled, the market price of organic food is quite expensive at the moment.

ADVANTAGES HERBAFARM organic fertilizer:

Complete Nutrient Composition Elements * Good Macro And Micro, hormones, amino acids that can Improve Crop Production
* Activities microbe can break down the Element - Existing Nutrient Elements in Soil and Air So can Reduce Chemical Fertilizer Use Up 50%
* Shortening the Age Harvest
* Getting More Crop quality: Taste, Nutrition and Gynecology Save Power
* Parse the Chemical Fertilizer and Pesticide Residues And Fixing Structure Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Soil gradually
* Phytofactor / Ugf In Herba Farm Contribute To Improve Power Attack Resistant Plants From Pests And PenyakitPUPUK ORGANIC | ORGANIC FERTILIZER USE
* Phytofactor / Ugf Role In Plant Breeding

Role of organic fertilizer HERBAFARM:

* To increase fertilizer efficiency and crop production
* Strengthen the stems of plants and plant growth promoting.
* Tie up nitrogen, dissolved phosphorus, helps absorption of plant nutrients, improve physical properties, chemical, and biological soil; and unravel the chemical residues in soil.
* CULTURE Food Crops: rice, maize, cassava, sago, etc..
* CULTURE Horticulture Crops: potatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, etc..
* CULTURE fruit crops: mango, orange, bay, apple, grapes, papaya, etc..
* CULTURE plantation crops: sugar cane, oil palm, rubber, cocoa, coffee, etc..
* CULTURE Forestry Plants: teak, falcataria, albizia, mahogany, etc..
* CULTURE Ornamental Plants: Anthurium, sansivera, phylodendron, etc..
Success with Organic Fertilizer, Proud to be ORGANIC FARMERS, ORGANIC FOOD Healthy eating, sustainable use of natural ORGANIC FERTILIZER.