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Organic Fertilizer Demand Increases in North Sumatra

Medan, 20 / 6 (AFP) - Trends in demand for organic fertilizer in North Sumatra increased compared to last year or has already reached 9123 tons up to May 2010.

"In fact in January until December 2009, the distribution of organic fertilizer or Petroganik still reached 14 607 tons. Channeling higher because it means showing interest in encouraging farmers to use organic fertilizers that are rising," said Supervisor PT PKG Region North Sumatra, Ki Day in Medan, Sunday.

However, he said, despite the increasing trend and demand is still not optimal but it is considered that it needed constant socialization and that was done Petrochemicals.

Socialization is considered the more necessary because the government continues to increase the allocation of organic fertilizer by farmers' expectations are not solely depend on chemical fertilizers.

This year, the allocation for subsidized organic fertilizers such as North Sumatra reached 58 644 tons from 29,000 tons last year.

"Petrochemicals expect demand for organic fertilizer continues to increase and management was ready to supply them," he said.

Stock of organic fertilizer itself sufficient enough or reach 8295 tons, where as many as 5911 tons already in the warehouse and 2384 tons are in a position unloaded at Port of Belawan,

"Stock were adequate because in June it needs only 3877 tons of organic fertilizer," he said.

Regarding the new investors fertilizer plant in North Sumatra, according to Day, today there are six demand that is being processed in Petrochemicals.

Today is not willing to specify the name of the prospective investors with an excuse not yet approved considering management unethical.

"But the plan to build fertilizer plants, among others in Deli Serdang and Langkat," he said.

BPS Chief of North Sumatra, Alimuddin Sidabalok, say, the value of fertilizer imports in the first quarter 2010 North Sumatra is a significant increase which is 231.40 percent to 73.557 million U.S. dollars from the same period in 2009 which was 22.196 million U.S. dollars.

"It is questionable why still quite a lot of fertilizer imports if the stock declared safe," he said.