CUKUP 1 LITER HERBAFARM / 1 Ha LAHAN untuk Budidaya Padi

anda akan mendapatkan kelebihan dan keuntungan,
baik kuantitas maupun kualitas yang FANTASTIS.



ADVANTAGES HERBAFARM organic fertilizer:

Complete Nutrient Composition Elements * Good Macro And Micro, hormones, amino acids that can Improve Crop Production
* Activities microbe can break down the Element - Existing Nutrient Elements in Soil and Air So can Reduce Chemical Fertilizer Use Up 50%
* Shortening the Age Harvest
* Getting More Crop quality: Taste, Nutrition and Gynecology Save Power
* Parse the Chemical Fertilizer and Pesticide Residues And Fixing Structure Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Soil gradually
* Phytofactor / Ugf In Herba Farm Contribute To Improve Power Attack Resistant Plants From Pests And PenyakitPUPUK ORGANIC | ORGANIC FERTILIZER USE
* Phytofactor / Ugf Role In Plant Breeding

Role of organic fertilizer HERBAFARM:

* To increase fertilizer efficiency and crop production
* Strengthen the stems of plants and plant growth promoting.
* Tie up nitrogen, dissolved phosphorus, helps absorption of plant nutrients, improve physical properties, chemical, and biological soil; and unravel the chemical residues in soil.